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we believe in adding value to the lives of young people.


our program aims to encourage, uplift and develope young people into not just good people but God loving people. 


we have fun as we learn and grow in the things of God 

Term 1 – Who Really is Jesus?


Feb 6th   Intro: Who is Jesus

Masquerade/ Masks (superheros) – blind type games, celebrity heads

Feb 13th   Jesus is the Fulfilment of God’s Plan

Amazing Race ( Incredible contest)

Feb 15th   Youth Service: Jesus is the promised Rescuer

Feb20th   Jesus is more powerful than Satan

Mysteries in the Dark (seek n find, light - grog)

Feb 27th   Jesus is the one who Forgives sins & can heal

Can you Endure

Mar 6th   Jesus is more powerful than death

Fear Factor (Face fears)

Mar 13th   MOVIE: God’s not Dead

Mar 15th   Youth Service: Jesus is the Christ who must suffer and die

Mar 20th   Wrap up: So who is Jesus to you?

Get Creative

Mar 27th   Break Up – TBA

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